2015-2016 Reports

The People Shall Govern:
Public Participation Beyond Slogans

Annual Report
Citizen’s Annual Reports (multilingual)

  1. Umbiko Wonyaka (isiZulu)
  2. Burgers se Jaarverslag (Afrikaans)
  3. Citizen’s Annual Report (English)
  4. Tlaelo ya Selemo (Sesotho)
  5. Pego ya Ngwaga (Sepedi)
  6. Xiviko xa Lembe (Xitsonga)

Annual Report

The Gauteng Provincial Legislature (GPL) is the parliament of the people of Gauteng. The GPL has the constitutional mandates of law-making, oversight and scrutiny, public participation and co-operative governance.

The GPL therefore makes laws that address the specific needs of Gauteng, conducts oversight over Gauteng Provincial Departments to support the improvement of service delivery, conducts public participation interventions to ensure public involvement in the GPL business processes and promotes co-operative governance for coherent decision-making across spheres of government.

Citizen’s Reports

The Citizens Annual Report of the GPL, 2015/16, is a condensed version of the comprehensive Annual Report of the GPL. It serves to update, educate and inform the people of Gauteng about the annual financial and non-financial performance of the GPL for the year 2015/16, and also to raise awareness about the GPL and its functions.

As your guaranteed constitiutional right, the GPL continues to provide platforms for participation to enable the people of Gauteng access and involvement in all its business and legislative processes. We encourage you to read this report with the view of understanding that your voice has been heard and we, the GPL, will continue to listen during our public participation sessions. Ultimately the GPL serves to keep on making laws by the people, for our people.

Citizen’s Report isiZulu
Umbiko Wonyaka

Citizen’s Report Afrikaans
Burgers se Jaarverslag

Citizen’s Report English
Citizen’s Annual Report

Citizen’s Report Sesotho
Tlaelo ya Selemo

Citizen’s Report Sepedi
Pego ya Ngwaga

Citizen’s Report Xitsonga
Xiviko xa Lembe