ReferenceDescriptionBriefingClosing Date Document
GPL002/18Refurbishment of HVAC   
GPL008/18Network and Security   
GPL011/18Kombis and Double Cab   
GPL012/18Political Party Audits   
GPL014/18Microsoft Support Services   
GPL019/18Electronic Newspapers   
GPL020/18Remedial Works – Waterproofing16 June 2018 09:003 August 2018GPL020-2018
GPL022/18Supply of Branded Water  GPL022-2018
GPL024/18E-Recruitment25 July 2018 11:00 7 August 2018 GPL024-2018
GPL025/18VOIP-based Communication System4 September 2018 12:0019 September 2018GPL025-2018
GPL026/18Feasibility Study on Money Bills 28 August 2018 11:0012 September 2018GPL026-2018
GPL030/18Appointment of a service provider to conduct HR Audit of all GPL Staff Appointments and Remuneration from January 1999 to December 20176 September 2018 11:0020 September 2018GPL030-2018
GPL032/18E-Recruitment  GPL032-2018 GPL032 SBD1
GPL002/2019Appointment of a service provider to conduct research on the media portrayal of people based on their gender, race, disability and age for a period of ten (10) months (Media Monitoring Project) on behalf of GPL18 June 2019 @ 11:302 July 2019 @ 11:00GPL002/2019 BID
GPL002/2019 SBD
GPL004/2019Appointment of the service provider for the review of the law-making process for Gauteng Provincial Legislature for the period of 6 (six) months21 June 2019 @ 11:305 July 2019 @ 11:00GPL004/2019 BID
GPL004/2019 SBD
GPL005/2019Provision of interpreting and translation services for Gauteng Provincial Legislature for the period of 36 months12 July 2019 @ 11:3029 July 2019 @ 11:00GPL005/2019 BID
GPL005/2019 SBD