The Office of the Chairperson of Committees is the third of five sub-programs in Program 1 (Leadership and Governance) of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature. The Chairperson of Committees is accountable for strategic management of GPL standing and portfolio committee business in so far as it relates to oversight, public policy discourse, law making processes, public participation and stakeholder management as well as ensuring that the committee programmes are adhered to in line with GPL strategic goals and by extension with Global, National and Provincial Priorities.

The primary role of the Office of the Chairperson of Committees (OCoC) in essence, is to monitor and evaluate the discharge of mandates by the House Committees and to ensure strategic management of committees and committee business, thereby ensuring that the mandate of the institution as a whole is delivered. Thus, it is through the OCoC that the core objectives of the institution is realised since the very mandate of the institution is given effect to and executed through the House Committees, as strategically led by the OCoC. The OCoC monitors the impact of committee oversight initiatives and in addition ensures that committees drive their work in line with the objectives and programme of the legislature. The OCoC also ensures that there is a qualitative approach to oversight and scrutiny, stakeholder management as well as law making and policy development.

According to Rule 174 of the Standing Rules of the GPL, the OCoC through the Standing Committee of Chairpersons is responsible for coordinating the work of the Committees of the Legislature, considering the annual programme of committees; and for making recommendations to the Rules Committee and the Programming Committee regarding any matter affecting the scheduling or functioning of any committee.