Portfolio Committee on Community Safety

Presentation of the Committee’s Draft Term Programme Presentation of the revised Targeted Policing Precinct Focused Oversight Approach by the Community Safety Committee for the 2017/18 FY Presentation of the following Analysis to House Resolutions: Responses to House...

Portfolio Committee on Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture

The Committee will be dealing with the following: Presentation of the Research Analysis of the 4th quarterly report for 2016/17 FY Presentation of the Department 4th quarterly report for 2016/17 FY Responses to questions emanating from the analysis of the Department...

Gauteng Speakers Forum

Matters for discussion: Report Five-year Plan Resolutions Funding Draft Bill

Portfolio Committee on Social Development

Presentation by SASSA on Funeral policy Resolutions of the Annual Report 2015/16 2nd quarter analysis of responses 3rd quarter Social Development Report

Standing Committee on Petitions Seminar

The seminar intends to gauge whether there has been a shift in repertoires of protest, from violence protest, towards petitioning as a peaceful and responsible form of protest. Moreover, allow the PSC to reflect and take stock on what has been done and achieved...